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Erik Olson huge bull elk taken with Pines Ranch Outfitters
"Big E" Eric Olson scored big with Pines Ranch with a nice elk taken with a muzzleloader. Guide Scott Swenson helps Eric show off his bull
The 2012-13 was another great year for the hunters here at Pines Ranch in Central Utah!
Some great cats, bulls and bucks .
even rams were taken this year.

One of the guides for Pines Ranch Shane Jensen shows off his giant buck scoring 236 Boone and Crocket points
Dave Mendenhall with his exceptional Desert
Big Horn Sheep

Jason Chesla and Guide Scott Swenson with a nice buck
Jason Chesla with guide Scott Swenson with an impressive buck

Due to mild winter conditions and Utah's wildlife management, the mule deer herd is better than it has been in several years.  There are several areas producing trophy size deer.  Most of these areas are limited entry draw.  These areas are producing some deer over 30 inches in width, but on average 24 to 26 inch racks.

Utah's DWR is managing it's elk herd for trophy class bulls. Any unit you hunt, you are almost assured the opportunity of a shot at a 6x6 bull.  Some of the units in this state are producing some bulls scoring over 400 BC points. Contact Us for an exciting hunt!

You're as young as you feel, 81 year old George Barrios with buddy Hugh display a large bull elk.
Pines Ranch Outfitters has had several hunters desiring to hunt deer and elk with muzzleloaders. Scan our 2011 Gallery and you will see our hunters have taken nice animals with muzzleloaders and archery equipment.
Pines Ranch has the ability to retrieve your animal no matter where you take it.


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